CGE Launches European Platform Survey

How many home-grown platform companies has Europe produced? What sectors have seen the greatest success? These questions and other questions are attracting attention as platform business models have grown in economic importance. For example, how does Europe compare to the United States, China and other regions in the creation of platform companies? How will European platform dynamics play into the region’s Single Digital Market initiative launched by the European Commission and individual member states to advance regional innovation, economic growth and job creation?


Dr. Annabelle Gawer, Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation, Imperial College Business School

Dr. Annabelle Gawer, Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation, Imperial College Business School

As part of the process of building a stronger empirical basis for understanding European platform creation, the Center for Global Enterprise is pleased to partner with Professor Annabelle Gawer. Dr. Gawer is Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation at Imperial College Business School and a pioneer of international stature in the field of platforms. Her seminal research on platform leadership and innovation ecosystems has contributed to building insight into economic and innovation forces shaping the dynamics of platforms across a wide range of sectors. She is the author of two highly acclaimed books: Platform Leadership, and Platforms, Markets and Innovation. Her research on critical questions related to platform business model formation has been cited in The Economist and the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared in top international economics journals as well as top international organization studies journals.


Dr. Gawer is a frequent keynote speaker at international academic conferences and high-tech industry events, and is a member of the Steering Committee for the Future of e -Skills in Europe, for the European Commission. She earned her PhD from MIT in Management of Technological Innovation, an MSc from Stanford Industrial Engineering and a French civil engineering degree from Ecole des Mines.


CGE’s global platform survey will benefit significantly from Professor Gawer’s deep understanding of dynamics shaping Europe’s platform landscape. The European survey will contribute to the global platform database CGE is developing insights into a wide range of sectors where digital platforms operate including social media, e-commerce, education, finance/ payments, real estate, travel, transportation, and work.


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