CGE Joins with 19 Others to Launch Global Think Tank Alliance


Shanghai, China was the location this week for the in-person launch of the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA) bringing together think tanks from China, Poland, Mexico, Italy, India, Colombia, the USA, and Sweden. These leading trade and innovation think tanks are joined by eleven others from Canada, Belgium, Taiwan, South Africa, and the UK to comprise GTIPA. The Alliance’s mission is to help leaders from government, business, and policy making organizations advance policies and management practices that drive innovation and economic growth. CGE President Chris Caine moderated a discussion on the state of business innovation in China and presented CGE’s leading research initiatives on digital supply chains and cybersecurity.




Senior business executives from Geely Automotive Group, China BoQi Environmental Technology Solutions, Huawei, and SAP discussed China’s organic innovative capabilities and examples of their companies’ contributions to innovation in the automotive, environmental, software, and ICT sectors. Caine led a 90 minute conversation that looked at new business processes and technologies entering the global market from China and the important distinction between disruptive business models and disruptive technologies. Forum attendees also discussed global value chains, cybersecurity, small and medium business innovation, new jobs and skills arising from autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, mobile broadband technologies, machine learning, 3D printing, and health care innovation.


The GTIPA will advance issues critical to society benefitting from innovation and expanded trade; a particularly important mission given the present policy environment where many countries appear to be retreating from longstanding commitments to economic openness. The Shanghai Institute for Science and Technology Management (SISTM) hosted the forum and convened additional stakeholders from China to contribute to the Alliance discussions. More information about the GTIPA can be found at


The Alliance members agreed to expand GTIPA membership and to hold future summits in Italy (2018) and Mexico (2019).

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