CGE Joins Think Tanks from Around the World to Recognize Importance of Global Trade and Innovation

Waves of populist discontent have called into question the merits of the prevailing economic order. Yet the case for trade remains as strong as ever—so long as it is conducted on genuinely fair and market-based terms and so long as countries implement effective policies to spur domestic competitiveness and assist their citizens in adjusting to technological change and international competition.


It would be a mistake to move away from globalization and deeper economic integration. This is why, the CGE, along with members of the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA) – an international network of think tanks dedicated to liberalizing trade, spurring innovation, and curbing mercantilism – unite to call on policymakers around the world to take three steps in support of the global trading system. The multinational group’s assertions are outlined in this joint declaration.


“Given the highly visible proclamations coming from many individuals in government or seeking to enter government that economic openness is a bad thing, it is important for there to be a balanced and constructive point of view based facts” said Christopher Caine, President, the CGE. “That is why CGE chose to align itself with think tanks from around the world to express itself at this time.”


The world is at a pivotal moment and it is critical that a public commitment to multilateral trade and innovation remain the prevailing view for all countries seeking a better future. CGE encourages companies and individuals to deepen their awareness of what it means to be a global enterprise, global leader, and global citizen so that an environment for a better future can be created. The following think tanks from nine countries around the world joined in this cause:


The Center for Global Enterprise (USA)
Center for Social and Economic Research (Poland)
Competere (Italy)
Free Market Foundation (South Africa)
Fundacion Idea (Mexico)
Geneva Network (United Kingdom)
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (USA)
The Lisbon Council (EU)
Shanghai Science and Technology Policy Institute (China)
Tic Tac de la CCIT (Colombia)

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