CGE Announces Launch of the Applied Corporate Governance Institute


The Center for Global Enterprise launched the Applied Corporate Governance Institute (ACGI) at NACD’s Global Board Leaders’ Summit at the National Harbor in Maryland. On October 2nd, Shane Goodwin, Chris Caine, and Jesse Greene announced the Institute during the annual meeting of the National Association of Corporate Directors. The ACGI is the result of research conducted over the last and half year by CGE and Columbia University. That research entitled, Management Practices in an Age of Engaged Investors, provides the foundation for the Institute.


The research is the product of a joint research initiative between the CGE and the Richman Center for Business, Law, and Public Policy at Columbia University. The study is unique because of its blend of data rich analytics and qualitative interviews with CEOs, Directors, institutional and activist investors, and other stakeholders in the changing investment environment of publically traded enterprises. By creating an extensive proprietary database of over 50,000 shareholder engagements spanning over nearly 30 years combined with practical insights from leaders who have experienced investor engagements, ACGI’s mission is to advance management learning by helping CEOs, and Boards of Directors anticipate potential investor engagements up to 18 months before they occur by using its proprietary Vulnerability ScoreTM and Risk Assessment.


A non-profit applied research and learning organization, ACGI is open for membership to those entities and individuals who want to support advanced management learning in this new era of investing, and who wish to share this learning by publically convening future leaders for dialog and collaboration. CGE intends to use its Global Scholars Program to convene interested parties and distribute ACGI content, and insights drawn from a Board of Stewards.


An audience of approximately eighty attendees asked pointed questions about the initiative and responded enthusiastically to the value of the research and its application. Access the NACD presentation here and other material such as the complete research from Columbia University can be found at


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