The Digital Supply Chain: Tips from the Insiders video series

CGE’s “The Digital Supply Chain: Tips from the Insiders” is a special video series aimed to help companies and their leaders transform their supply chains for the future.  Released bimonthly for the first half of 2017, you will learn practical, actionable tips from top supply chain executives based on their experience and expertise.  Get to know the experts by watching the introduction video or pick the videos that interest you from the list below and watch as many times as you want.  Check out the latest release below.



In this series you will learn from:


  • George Bailey, Digital Supply Chain Project Leader, The Center for Global Enterprise on how Digital Supply Chains Increase Revenues and Halve Costs
  • Craig Moss, COO, on Defining the Digital Supply Chain Platform
  • Chris Caine, President, The Center for Global Enterprise on The Digital Supply Chain Institute
  • Michael Maguire, VP Ariba Business Development, SAP on how to Put the Customer at the Center of the Digital Strategy
  • Anders Karlborg, Assistant CEO, ZTE on Providing Digital Supply Chain Solutions Essential to Market Success
  • Michael Corbo, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Colgate-Palmolive on how New Technologies Enable Digital Supply Chain: 3-D Printing
  • Zahid Hai, Chief of Strategy, Worldwide Corporate Services, Sodexo on Business Integration and Breaking Silos
  • Michael Crowe, CIO, Colgate-Palmolive on Top Executive Commitment to Enable Digital Supply Chain Success  
  • Mitch King, Supply Chain Director, DOW on Using Big Data to Understand and Respond to Customer Demand
  • Kyle Hamm, VP Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric on how Cloud Computing Enables Digital Supply Chains for Small to Large Businesses
  • Suresh Senoy, EVP, Alyx Technologies on how Structured Data is the Oil that Makes Digital Supply Chain Possible
  • Victoria Dolan, Chief Transformation Officer & Corporate Controller, Colgate-Palmolive on how to Reimagine the Corporate Planning Process
  • Suddhir Redy, CIO, Aricent on The Sense and Response Digital Supply Chain Strategy
  • Phanindranath Kakarla, EVP Corporate Services Group, Edelweiss Finance on Digital Supply Chain in Financial Services
  • Sudheer Pamighantam, Global Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Practice, Tech Mahindra on how Digital Supply Chain Starts Where Traditional Supply Chain Stops


For additional information about CGE’s Digital Supply Chain initiative and the supply chain experts visit the Digital Supply Chain initiative webpage and download the recently released white paper, “Digital Supply Chains: A Frontside Flip” available in both English and Chinese.



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