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Globalization has transformed the economies of countless countries. It has also transformed business – how it’s conducted, where it’s conducted, and by whom. The transformation has touched the very structure of the enterprise as well as the nature and definition of economic “value.” Emblematic of the change has been the emergence of the Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE), which refers to companies that are truly “global” (as opposed to “multinational”) in their management and their operations, utilizing  global supply chains not just for products, but also services, capital, ideas and intellectual property. As at previous inflection points in history, we need a new language – and new thinking – to harness the promise of this new era for society and avoid the peril that can arise in periods of change.


Building Skills with Microcourses

More institutions are offering wholly virtual educational experiences to help students hone their digital skills for the workplace.

Learning Beyond Four Walls

Today’s students want to experiment, solve problems, engage across disciplines, and take on real-world projects. More institutions are designing educational experiences that allow them to do just that.

Announcing New Blog Series, The Frontside Flip: Advancing the Digital Supply Chain

By George Bailey,  Managing Director of the Digital Supply Chain Institute     Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Frontside Flip, a monthly resource published by the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) to help companies manage the transformation of their supply chains in the digital economy. Our goal is to provide global enterprises with practical recommendations… Read more


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