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First Alpha Team Presents to The London Taxi Company

The Center for Global Enterprise’s first Global Scholars Alpha Team recently concluded an engagement to envision the future of the ...

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Sam Palmisano and Kevin Warsh on Bloomberg TV Regarding Growing Global

On Thursday, November 12 CGE Chairman Sam Palmisano and Board Member Kevin Warsh were guests for 30 minutes on Bloomberg GO ...

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CGE Launches New Book - Growing Global: Lessons for the New Enterprise

On November 10, schools from Cuba, China, Albania, Nigeria, Spain, and the United States, joined the worldwide launch of ...

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Trust: What Business Needs to Operate and Grow

The collective commercial assets of governments constitute the largest pool of wealth in the world. While governments have traditionally played ...

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Decoding the API Economy with Visual Analytics

By Peter C. Evans and Rahul C. Basole   Application program interfaces (APIs) have grown significantly in recent years. These tools allow ...

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Globalization has transformed the economies of countless countries. It has also transformed business – how it’s conducted, where it’s conducted, and by whom. The transformation has touched the very structure of the enterprise as well as the nature and definition of economic “value.” Emblematic of the change has been the emergence of the Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE), which refers to companies that are truly “global” (as opposed to “multinational”) in their management and their operations, utilizing  global supply chains not just for products, but also services, capital, ideas and intellectual property. As at previous inflection points in history, we need a new language – and new thinking – to harness the promise of this new era for society and avoid the peril that can arise in periods of change.


The Center for Global Enterprise releases new book Growing Global: Lessons for the New Enterprise

The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) today announced the release of their new book Growing Global: Lessons for the New Enterprise. Growing Global is written by ten accomplished leaders affiliated with the CGE.  They include Sam Palmisano (co-founder and Chairman of the CGE and former Chairman and CEO of IBM), Jerry Yang (co-founder of Yahoo!), Peter… Read more

CGE Launches Inaugural Alpha Team, a Six Week Digital Internship

On September 7, twenty people from 15 countries gathered online for the inaugural launch of The Center for Global Enterprise’s (CGE) Global Scholars Alpha Team to help The London Taxi Company (LTC) explore what the global taxi market will look like in 2025.   The CGE Alpha Team is a unique 6-week program where a… Read more