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Globalization has transformed the economies of countless countries. It has also transformed business – how it’s conducted, where it’s conducted, and by whom. The transformation has touched the very structure of the enterprise as well as the nature and definition of economic “value.” Emblematic of the change has been the emergence of the Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE), which refers to companies that are truly “global” (as opposed to “multinational”) in their management and their operations, utilizing  global supply chains not just for products, but also services, capital, ideas and intellectual property. As at previous inflection points in history, we need a new language – and new thinking – to harness the promise of this new era for society and avoid the peril that can arise in periods of change.


CGE Joins Think Tanks from Around the World to Recognize Importance of Global Trade and Innovation

Waves of populist discontent have called into question the merits of the prevailing economic order. Yet the case for trade remains as strong as ever—so long as it is conducted on genuinely fair and market-based terms and so long as countries implement effective policies to spur domestic competitiveness and assist their citizens in adjusting to… Read more

The Global Enterprise: Where to Now? Expert Connect Webinar with Sam Palmisano

A decade after the publication of his seminal 2006 Foreign Affairs article, Mr. Palmisano reexamines the global business landscape and the challenges facing corporate managers in his new article, “The Global Enterprise: Where to Now?” Powerful forces are pulling in opposite directions: Governments are retrenching from economic and political openness, while technology is bringing people… Read more

Mr. Palmisano visits Alma Mater for Talk on The Future of the Global Enterprise

On Wednesday, February 1 CGE Chairman Sam Palmisano visited his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University in a student event organized by Athletics and Recreation Director Alanna Shanahan. Mr. Palmisano spoke about the realities of the future global enterprise, and how business leaders can best prepare to succeed in shifting environments. During his visit, Mr. Palmisano first held a roundtable discussion with a small… Read more


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